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During Intel’s April 2019 data center launch event, the company unveiled a number of new technologies. Two related to the traditional NVMe market, but with a twist. Both drives are not typical x4 single port U.2, M.2, or AIC form factors. The Intel Optane SSD DC D4800X is a dual port NVMe version of the Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X SSD. On the other end of the spectrum, the Intel SSD D5-P4326 15.36TB is a new ruler SSD for high capacity applications. e7-8850

Intel Optane SSD DC D4800X For High-Availability Arrays

The Intel Optane SSD DC D4800X is a dual port NVMe SSD. That means it has two x2 interfaces and can be interfaced to two different controllers. For high-availability systems, this is exactly what one wants.

Intel Optane U2

We were told endurance is the same as the Intel DC P4800X at 41-82PBW over the life of the device at 750TB with 375TB versions also available. We see this being used in extremely high-performance arrays or as log devices for high-availability arrays in front of hard drives or QLC flash.

Intel SSD D5-P4326 15.36TB Shipping

The Intel SSD D5-P4326 15.36TB is a new EDSFF E1.L form factor SSD based on QLC NAND. Intel is looking at 32 of these in a server for almost a half petabyte of flash in a rack. Later this year, Intel says it will deliver drives twice as big at over 30TB and therefore be pushing around 1PB per U with flash in a rack.

AIC FB128 LX Grays Peak Intel Ruler SSD 1U

This is a product that was announced last year, but Intel took the opportunity to empty the kitchen sink on announcements and announce that this was shipping and that the 1PB per U dream will be here in 2019, which is what we were promised in 2018 from the company.

Intel Ruler SSD 1PB In 2018

We hope this is the year.

Intel Press Release

Here is the bit from the official press release on both:

  • Intel Optane SSD DC D4800X (Dual Port) combines the performance of Intel Optane DC SSDs with the data resilience required by mission-critical high-availability enterprise IT applications. Dual port capability adds redundancy to the data path to deliver continued data access in the event of failures or service operations and upgrades.
  • Intel SSD D5-P4326 (Intel QLC 3D NAND) is an addition to Intel’s first-to-market PCIe QLC NAND SSDs for the data center. Using 64-Layer QLC technology (4 bits/cell), the product family delivers large affordable capacities to read-intensive cloud workloads. Additional cost optimizations on the Intel SSD D5-P4326 enable it to help accelerate HDD displacement in warm storage. (Source: Intel)



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