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NVIDIA has posted a teaser of its next-generation Ampere GPU powered DGX A100 system which is expected to be announced at GTC 2020 on 14th May 2020. The first references to the system were spotted just a week ago but it looks like we are definitely getting a major HPC announcement from NVIDIA this st32000444ss week.

NVIDIA’s CEO, Jensen Huang, Teases Next-Generation Ampere GPU Powered DGX A100 System For HPC

The specific name for the DGX system is DGX A100 which has a lot to say. The DGX system is solely designed for the deep learning and HPC community, offering supercomputing capabilities inside a workstation form factor. NVIDIA has released DGX solutions based on its Pascal and Volta GPUs but with the release of Ampere GPU imminent, a new DGX solution has to be designed.

NVIDIA Teases Next Generation ‘Ampere GPUs’, Begins Countdown To August 31 [Updated]

In the teaser video which can be seen below, NVIDIA’s CEO, Jensen Huang, can be seen taking out a huge DGX A100 mainboard fresh out of the oven. The video titled ‘What’s Jensen been cooking’ is followed by the description ‘The World’s largest graphics card, fresh out of the oven”.

The Volta line of DGX systems was streamlined to offer more options to HPC users. We saw several variants ranging from the DGX Station which featured a total of four Tesla V100 GPUs all the way to the 16 Tesla V100 housing DGX-2 monster which NVIDIA had termed as the “World’s Largest GPU”.

With Ampere GPU, NVIDIA would be releasing its latest DGX A100 system. The name makes it clear that the system would be based on the GA100 GPU. The GA100 GPU would be the biggest chip in the Ampere lineup and would definitely feature one of the flagship 128 SM configurations that we expect to see on an NVIDIA GA100 chip.

The specific DGX A100 mainboard that Jensen just cooked features a total of 8 Ampere GPUs and are outfitted with massive heatsinks. Do note that DGX A100 systems are designed for server/HPC environments and hence are passive cooled. There are six heatsinks adjacent to the GPUs which might be featuring interconnect switches for GPU-to-GPU & GPU-to-CPU communications. There’s much to be revealed so I’d suggest we wait two more days for Jensen to reveal the goodies himself.
Exclusive: NVIDIA Ampere Graphics Cards Partial Specs And Tentative Launch Schedule

NVIDIA Ampere GPU Powered DGX A100 System Fresh Out of the Oven by CEO Jensen Huang!

NVIDIA may start off its Ampere line of DGX systems in a more traditional manner, offering 8 Tesla GPU configurations in the beginning and moving on to the larger and denser parts later on as the yields get better for the new Ampere chips.

NVIDIA Tesla Graphics Cards Comparison

Tesla Graphics Card Name NVIDIA Tesla M2090 NVIDIA Tesla K40 NVIDIA Telsa K80 NVIDIA Tesla P100 NVIDIA Tesla V100 NVIDIA Tesla Next-Gen #1 NVIDIA Tesla Next-Gen #2 NVIDIA Tesla Next-Gen #3
GPU Architecture Fermi Kepler Maxwell Pascal Volta Ampere? Ampere? Ampere?
GPU Process 40nm 28nm 28nm 16nm 12nm 7nm? 7nm? 7nm?
GPU Name GF110 GK110 GK210 x 2 GP100 GV100 GA100? GA100? GA100?
Die Size 520mm2 561mm2 561mm2 610mm2 815mm2 TBD TBD TBD
Transistor Count 3.00 Billion 7.08 Billion 7.08 Billion 15 Billion 21.1 Billion TBD TBD TBD
CUDA Cores 512 CCs (16 CUs) 2880 CCs (15 CUs) 2496 CCs (13 CUs) x 2 3840 CCs 5120 CCs 6912 CCs 7552 CCs 7936 CCs
Core Clock Up To 650 MHz Up To 875 MHz Up To 875 MHz Up To 1480 MHz Up To 1455 MHz 1.08 GHz (Preliminary) 1.11 GHz (Preliminary) 1.11 GHz (Preliminary)
FP32 Compute 1.33 TFLOPs 4.29 TFLOPs 8.74 TFLOPs 10.6 TFLOPs 15.0 TFLOPs ~15 TFLOPs (Preliminary) ~17 TFLOPs (Preliminary) ~18 TFLOPs (Preliminary)
FP64 Compute 0.66 TFLOPs 1.43 TFLOPs 2.91 TFLOPs 5.30 TFLOPs 7.50 TFLOPs TBD TBD TBD
VRAM Size 6 GB 12 GB 12 GB x 2 16 GB 16 GB 48 GB 24 GB 32 GB
VRAM Bus 384-bit 384-bit 384-bit x 2 4096-bit 4096-bit 4096-bit? 3072-bit? 4096-bit?
VRAM Speed 3.7 GHz 6 GHz 5 GHz 737 MHz 878 MHz 1200 MHz 1200 MHz 1200 MHz
Memory Bandwidth 177.6 GB/s 288 GB/s 240 GB/s 720 GB/s 900 GB/s 1.2 TB/s? 1.2 TB/s? 1.2 TB/s?
Maximum TDP 250W 300W 235W 300W 300W TBD TBD TBD

NVIDIA’s Ampere GPUs are definitely going to shake things up in the HPC market with several variants already leaked and performance being rated at around 30 TFLOPs (FP32). We will keep you updated as more info comes prior to the 14th of May when NVIDIA will be presenting its next-gen GPU lineup.



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