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Perhaps one of the coolest motherboards we have seen launched recently also has an enormously long model number. The ASRock Rack EPYC3451D4U-2L2T2O8R may have the longest model name we are going to see on a motherboard this year. It also has some of the most functionality we will see on an embedded motherboard. ASRock Rack is going all-in on the platform offering just about everything one could want from a platform.

ASRock Rack EPYC3451D4U-2L2T2O8R

The EPYC3451D4U-2L2T2O8R is a mATX motherboard so it is certainly larger than some other mITX motherboards we have reviewed. The reason for that becomes quickly obvious: it needs the extra size. Onboard we have a 16-core AMD EPYC 3451 CPU. You can read the AMD EPYC 3451 Benchmarks and Review to see just how much performance that solution provides. Here we get a 1 DPC configuration which means we get quad-channel memory and up to 512GB of RAM (4x 128GB.)

Onboard we get a PCIe Gen3 x8 slot and a x16 slot. That x16 slot’s lanes are shared with the MiniSAS HD and one of the Oculink connectors. There are four PCIe Oculink connectors for U.2 NVMe and one for 4x SATA devices (the SATA one is shared with the x16 slot.) Using a M.2 SSD is possible but one can also break that out to 4x SATA ports. That means one can get a total of 4x U.2 NVMe SSD ports a PCIe Gen3 x8 slot, and 12x onboard SAS ports albeit using a plethora of cabling options to get the SATA lanes out.

Storage does not stop with the SATA and PCIe lanes though. There is also an embedded Broadcom / LSI SAS3008 controller onboard which means we get 8x SAS3/ SATA III ports as well.

On the networking side, we get a lot. There is an out-of-band management port for the board. We also have two 1GbE ports via two Intel i210 controllers. There are two 10Gbase-T ports via an Intel X710-AT2. Finally, we get two SFP+ ports from the AMD EPYC 3000 series onboard MAC. The Intel NIC will have more features, but this is one of the first motherboards we have seen that uses the AMD EPYC 3000 series embedded MAC.

Final Words

Overall this is a very exciting platform. This is one of, if not the most expandable and fully featured AMD EPYC 3000 series platforms from the EPYC 3451 16-core CPU, quad-channel memory, SATA and SAS storage options, NVMe and PCIe expansion options, as well as networking. It is hard not to enjoy the excessive feature set that comes with a motherboard like this and the long model name it entails. We do not have word on pricing and availability yet.

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