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The latest codenames for  upcoming generation of Radeon series including the discrete AMD Volcanic Islands , Pirate Islands and the mobile Crystal series have been detailed by 3DCenter (via HWINFO). 3DCenter as always provides briefly detailed information regarding the latest codename and specifications which leak regarding to graphic cards. AMD GPU

Codenames For AMD Volcanic Islands , Pirate Islands and Crystal Series Detailed

We know that Hawaii is the flagship chip of the AMD Volcanic Islands series but we have new updates. There are three new names revealed by HWINFO which fall under the AMD Volcanic Islands series – Tonga, Iceland and Maui. According to 3DCenter, the New Zealand chip which was supposed to make a debut with the HD 7000 series southern islands series but it got Malta instead. The AMD Volcanic Islands series would feature the New Zealand as the flagship dual chip card followed by Hawaii (High-End), Maui (Performance), Iceland (Mainstream) and Tonga (Entry Level).

GPU Codename Series Positioning
New Zealand Volcanic Islands Dual-Chip
Hawaii Volcanic Islands High-End
Maui Volcanic Islands Performance
Ice Land Volcanic Islands Mainstream
Tonga Volcanic Islands Entry Level

Note – Positioning and Codenames are not final and are subject to change.

Next up is the Crystal series for mobile graphics which was revealed last month. The Crystal series unlike its predecessors would be based on a new architecture and feature improved performance. The codenames for GPUs under this series are – Vesuvius, Topaz, Amethyst. Now this is really interesting, Vesuvius is a large volcano located at the Gulf of Naples. It should had fallen under the Volcanic Islands series rather the Crystal series so maybe this isn’t confirmed yet. But still, its hinted to be the top chip under the Crystal series.

GPU Codename Series Positioning
Vesuvius Crystal Series High-End
Topaz Crystal Series Performance
Amethyst Crystal Series Mainstream

Note – Positioning and Codenames are not final and are subject to change.

Last is the Pirate Islands series that would debut with the new 20nm architecture in 2015 or possibly earlier. The codenames listed under this series include – Bermuda, Treasure, Fiji. These sound pretty cool for a graphics series. Although its not known what positioning they would fall under but we can see either Bermuda or Treasure ending up as the flagship chip, not the flagship dual GPU.

GPU Codename Series
Bermuda Pirate Islands
Treasure Pirate Islands
Fiji Pirate Islands

The AMD Volcanic Islands series would supposedly make a debut with the FirePro series in September as revealed only a week ago. This would be followed by the launch of the consumer Radeon HD series in October with the arrival of EA’s Battlefield 4 or at a later date.



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