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X570 Aorus Master (Image credit: Gigabyte)

Gigabyte has released new firmwares for its stack of AMD motherboards that brings support for the latest Ryzen 3000XT-series processors and mitigations for the SMM Callout Privilege Escalation vulnerability. Intel Xeon Processor

The latest firmwares for AMD 500-and 400-series motherboards include the AGESA Combo V2 and Combo V1 microcodes, respectively, that will effectively patch the SMM flaw. However, Gigabyte is prioritizing newer motherboards.

According to the Gigabyte’s timeline, the beta firmwares for X570 and B550 motherboards are already available for download. The final versions will arrive in the middle of July. Pre-500 series motherboards will receive their beta firmwares in the middle of July with the finalized firmware landing at the end of month.

ChipsetBIOS VersionBeta BIOS Release DateFormal BIOS Release DateX570F20 and afterMid. of June, 2020Mid. of July, 2020B550F2 and after *Mid. of June, 2020Mid. of July, 2020X470F51 and afterMid. of July, 2020End. of July, 2020B450F51 and after *Mid. of July, 2020End. of July, 2020X370F50 and afterMid. of July, 2020End. of July, 2020B350F50 and afterMid. of July, 2020End. of July, 2020A320F50 and after *Mid. of July, 2020End. of July, 2020

*Gigabyte urges owners to update the B550 Arous Master, B450M Aorus Elite, B450M H and A320M HD3 motherboards to the F4, F3, F2 and F2 firmware, respectively.

Gigabyte motherboards offer different methods to update the firmware, including Gigabyte @BIOS and Q-Flash. X570 and B550 motherboard owners get access to the Q-Flash Plus feature, which lets you update the firmware without a processor, memory or graphics card present.

The SMM Callout Privilege Escalation primarily targets AMD’s client and embedded APUs. Luckily, the vulnerability is patched via a microcode, and AMD has claimed that it doesn’t shave any performance off the system.



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