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Inspur has joined the industry’s efforts to offer systems based on the 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Ice Lake processor generation. The new Inspur M6 family effectively upgrades the company’s M5 lineup to the new M6 generation with the new processors. We saw the Inspur NF8260M6 and NF8480M6 launch in 2020 as the first M6 systems utilizing Cooper Lake, but the new M6 generation systems are the Ice Lake variants.

Inspur M6 Servers Arrive with 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Ice Lake

Here is a quick overview of Inspur’s new line-up. You will see updates to the Inspur Systems NF5280M5, NF5180M5, i24 we reviewed along with others. These span most of the common form factors in the industry such as 1U and 2U dual-socket as well as storage and multi-node form factors.
One other big update is for the Inspur NF5468M6 which is a PCIe Gen4-based AI server that is an upgrade to the Inspur Systems NF5468M5 we reviewed. This new server has the ability to support cards such as the NVIDIA A100 and A40 along with the AMD MI100 and even up to 20x single-width GPUs. Inspur is supporting NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, Cambricon, and other AI accelerators in this system.
Beyond these standard rack servers, Inspur also has a complete rack offering it calls the ORS600S which is designed for ODDC 3.0 based deployments. These integrate the 42U rack including the SN5264FM6 and SN5160FM6 servers and network switches to increase deployment speed.

Final Words
Overall, Inspur has several new offerings for the Intel Ice Lake generations. It is also offering the complete 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable line including Cooper Lake and Ice Lake. There are companies, such as Dell EMC, that are not supporting Cooper Lake which means Inspur’s customers can utilize the new chips that power companies like Facebook while Dell has decided against providing its 4-socket customers this newer high-end solution.



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