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Intel Demos Tiger Lake's Xe Graphics on Early Laptop Sample with Battlefield V

We’re getting our first look at Tiger Lake’s graphics performance using Intel Xe graphics, courtesy of Ryan Shrout, the company’s chief performance strategist.

Shrout posted a video on Twitter today, showing an early laptop (possibly a software development system) running Battlefield V with the resolution set to 1080p and the graphics preset placed on high. The game appeared to run consistently at 30 frames per second, occasionally going as high as 32 fps. Intel Xeon

Perks of the job! Took a prototype Tiger Lake system for a spin on Battlefield V to stretch its legs. Impressive thin and light gaming perf with Xe graphics! Early drivers/sw, but it’s the first time I’ve seen this game run like this on integrated gfx. More later this year! 17, 2020

Shrout noted that the software and drivers have not been finalized. Earlier, Shrout teased the video with the same laptop shown from another angle. It has two Thunderbolt ports (possibly Thunderbolt 4) and a hinge that lifts the keyboard, similar to the one seen on many Asus ZenBooks. It’s unclear which company designed this system; Intel’s test systems often have no logo or Intel’s own.

Hey everyone, I’ve got something incredibly cool I want to show you on Tiger Lake today…hoping to get clearance from the top brass here to post it. Stay tuned!! 17, 2020

We’re expecting Tiger Lake processors, on a 10nm process, to hit this summer in a series of new notebooks. The platform reportedly bring Thunderbolt 4, feature updated AI engines and, of course, Intel’s integrated Xe graphics.



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