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Intel Discontinues All 8th-Gen Coffee Lake-S CPUs Up To 8700K

Intel outed a handful of Product Change Notifications (PCN), each detailing a series of Coffee Lake-S processors set to be discontinued. The lists add up to all the 8th-Gen Coffee Lake-S chips spanning from the Celerons up to the once-almighty Core i7-8700K, Xeons not included. The full list below:

Intel® Celeron® G4900 ProcessorIntel® Celeron® Processor G4900TBoxed Intel® Celeron® Processor G4900 Boxed Intel® Celeron® Processor G4920 Boxed Intel® CoreTM i3-8100 ProcessorBoxed Intel® CoreTM i3-8300 Processor Boxed Intel® CoreTM i3-8350K Processor Boxed Intel® CoreTM i5-8400 Processor Boxed Intel® CoreTM i5-8500 Processor Boxed Intel® CoreTM i5-8600 ProcessorBoxed Intel® CoreTM i5-8600K Processor Boxed Intel® CoreTM i7-8086K Processor Boxed Intel® CoreTM i7-8700 ProcessorBoxed Intel® CoreTM i7-8700K Processor Boxed Intel® Pentium® Gold G5400 ProcessorIntel® Pentium® Gold G5400 ProcessorIntel® Pentium® Gold G5400T ProcessorIntel® Pentium® Gold G5500 Processor Intel® Pentium® Gold G5500T ProcessorIntel® Pentium® Gold G5600 Processor Intel® Pentium® Gold G5600F Processor Intel® Pentium® Gold G5600T Processor Boxed Intel® Pentium® Gold G5500 ProcessorBoxed Intel® Pentium® Gold G5600 ProcessorBoxed Intel® Pentium® Gold G5600F Processor Intel® Celeron® Processor G4920 Intel® CoreTM i3-8100 ProcessorIntel® CoreTM i3-8100B Processor Intel® CoreTM i3-8100T ProcessorIntel® CoreTM i3-8300 Processor Intel® CoreTM i3-8300T Processor Intel® CoreTM i3-8350K Processor Intel® CoreTM i5-8400 Processor Intel® CoreTM i5-8400T Processor Intel® CoreTM i5-8500 ProcessorIntel® CoreTM i5-8500B Processor Intel® CoreTM i5-8500T ProcessorIntel® CoreTM i5-8600 Processor Intel® CoreTM i5-8600K Processor Intel® CoreTM i5-8600T Processor Intel® CoreTM i7-8700 ProcessorIntel® CoreTM i7-8700T ProcessorIntel® CoreTM i7-8700B Processor Intel® CoreTM i7-8700K Processor Intel Xeon 

You might see some SKU’s above appear to be mentioned twice. That’s because of the differentiation between boxed and tray chips. Boxed chips are aimed at the DIY market and (almost always) come with a CPU cooler included, whereas the tray chips come without any fancy packaging or cooler and are aimed at OEMs buying in bulk.

Next to the CPU discontinuances, Intel also discontinued a range of Compute Sticks and NUCs with 8th-Gen chips inside.

The changes don’t come as a surprise. By now, the 9th-Gen chips have long-replaced the 8th-Gen parts, and the latest 10th-Generation Comet Lake-S chips are now slowly entering the market.

Nevertheless, you can still expect to spot the discontinued chips on retailers shelves, e-tailers websites and eBay for quite some time. The discontinuation comprises no longer shipping the products into distribution, and any remaining inventory would naturally still need to be cleared out. Who knows, you could find yourself an 8700K for a nice price in the next few weeks, though that might be asking for a bit much with the current hardware shortages.



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