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The Intel Xeon W-3200 series spans nine SKUs ranging from eight to twenty-eight cores. Like server counterparts, the SKUs utilize the Intel LGA3647 socket, with a key difference: they are single socket only. The Xeon W line is designed for workstations as well as some server applications that require higher clock speeds and lower densities. In our SKU list and value analysis piece, we are going to look at how the lineup scales with a price. Intel  Xeon Gold 5218

Intel Xeon W-3200 SKU List and Value Analysis

The LGA3647 chips have six DDR4 memory channels and up to 28 cores like the Intel Xeon Scalable series but have 64 PCIe lanes exposed to the motherboard. As a result, there are no UPI paths for socket-to-socket communication making these higher PCIe count chips than their mainstream Xeon counterparts. Here is the SKU list and value analysis:

Intel Xeon W 3200 Launch SKUs And Value Analysis

As a quick note, there are “M” parts that support up to 2TB of memory. One can get over 1TB using DDR4 DIMMs in up to twelve DIMMs per socket so Intel has high memory parts with their associated premiums.

We are going to quickly note that Intel offered the Xeon W-3175X which is unlocked for overclocking but only has a 512GB memory capacity and 48x PCIe 3.0 lanes. These chips are an interesting value proposition for $2,999 requiring special motherboards. The Xeon W-3200 series is based on the newer Cascade Lake generation of cores, while the Xeon W-3175X is based on the older Skylake generation.

Final Words

Overall, these are cool chips and we can certainly see the appeal of a single socket 28-core, high clock speed, Intel Xeon W-3275 solution as an example. Further, the 28-core high-memory SKUs are some of the best combinations of cores, clock speeds, and memory channels on the market today.



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