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As part of today’s event, Intel unveiled a new logo and branding for the first time since 2006 (1969 was the branding change before that.) One can see some of the new branding elements with Karen Walker SVP and CMO at Intel showing off the new logo.As part of the change, Intel is also refreshing its portfolio of brands to align with the new corporate branding. Here is a quick look at the transitions for the Intel logo and a timeline. This is the first major change in the brand in fourteen years. We are going to dub this, the 3rd Generation Intel Logo, since we are now in the era of the 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable. Intel Xeon Processor

With the 3rd Generation Intel Logo, Intel now has a lower-case branding and new typography that features a block design and a softer color pallet. To align with this new branding, Intel is refreshing its portfolio. One can see that the new Core, Intel Evo (for mobile with Project Athena enhancements), and Iris Xe marks were updated to coincide with the simulcast 11th Gen Intel Core Tiger Lake 10nm Launch.

New Intel Logo and new Intel Xeon Branding

Beyond the consumer brands, we can see that Intel Optane, Optane Memory, Optane PMem, and other brands on the storage side are getting updated as part of the portfolio. Intel Xeon has gone through a few transformations itself. For example, in the LGA1366 Xeon days, we had the 2nd Generation Intel Logo, Xeon, and some exposed silicon chip look in the top corner. Intel LGA 1366 Xeon Box

In the Intel Xeon E5 era, we had the partially exposed chip branding, and our photos of that era had a bunny suit figurine with the 2nd Generation Intel Logo as well. As we moved to the Intel Xeon Scalable generation, the silicon look was removed and Intel focused on precious metals. With the new look, we get Xeon Platinum now with a 3rd Generation Intel Logo branding box at the top with the color of the precious metal.We expect to see this branding a lot more as we move into the Intel Ice Lake-SP Xeon generation later this year and next year.

Final Words

My first reaction is that this reminds me a lot of PwC’s rebranding almost a decade ago. As someone who did management consulting for years at PwC, my first thought is that I have made many PowerPoint presentations that shifting a small box location and color tint slightly more blue would make years of designing slides with this branding style relevant again. Perhaps that is the plan to recruit folks from PwC who already think and present in this brand style.

On the more serious tone, the new Intel Xeon CPU branding, with the 3rd Generation Intel Logo looks great. We are excited for the upcoming second 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable launch (Ice Lake Xeon edition) where this branding will be featured.

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