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Cheap Gen 4 NVMe storage is hard to come by, which is why we are big fans of the WD Blue SN550 SSD — the best DRAMless storage you can get with competitive read/write speeds and a five-year warranty.

But what makes the best SSDs better? A cheaper price. Right now over at Best Buy and Walmart, you can get one for just $99.99 — amazing value for money at just $0.10 per GB.

Let’s address the inconsistencies. Yes, the list prices on Walmart and Best Buy are slightly inflated, but the real MSRP as you can see on WD’s own website is 130 bucks. Nevertheless, this is still a good deal across the board.

Across our testing of this 1TB drive, the SN550 offered impressive game loading speeds, beat out other more expensive drives in PC Mark 10 benchmarking and had a consistently strong write performance under thermal pressure.

And we really like Western Digitals generous five-year warranty on this device. Make no mistake, regardless of the shifty list pricing happening here, WD’s Blue SN550 offers the best bang for your buck at this cost.



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