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I don’t understand why you want me to answer this question when all the comments above are good. Maybe Quora is automatic? Anyway, I’d be happy to add my answer.

The question is rather vague. So let me answer this:


I guess since the 1050TI is a budget-friendly video card, then I have to assume you want the best budget Intel CPU to pair with it.

If you want to use the latest generation, then I suggest the cheapest is still the Pentium G4560, as others have suggested before me. While there are reports that the upcoming 8th generation i3 will have a single-core performance comparable to the current 7th generation i7, this is good news for games that only use 2 cores.

Generally speaking:

You can pair up any Intel i3, i5, or i7 from generations 3-7 and still be able to use the 1050 TI, despite some bottlenecks in the underlying processor. If you don’t go too low, you get a Cylon.

The fourth-generation i5, for example, will be a perfect match. I think you can find a lot of cheap used ones, maybe for the same price as a brand new Pentium G4560. Find a compatible motherboard and you’re on your way to some pretty satisfying games at budget.



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