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Server Q&A

As far as I’m concerned, there are only a few things that are good for modern times.

The first is a lot of uptime. Server manufacturers focus on more than 99.999% uptime… In fact, they may have been adding more 9s to this, but the point is that Xeon can continue to run without interruption.
A good extreme example of where uptime matters are when every minute of downtime costs Amazon $200,000. Many people’s vital businesses simply can’t afford the downtime, so paying a little extra for Xeon isn’t even a problem.

The second is ECC memory. This also helps improve reliability, but it also helps ensure that your data is never wrong. Bit errors may occur, changing a single 1 to a 0 or a visa poem, which may result in a number or code error that the computer/user will not even realize. The classic example of how this can be disastrous is medical records and financial data.
ECC memory almost eliminates this possibility. Intel Xeon CPU



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