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According to the bottleneck calculator, there will be a 17% bottleneck at 1080p and a 10% bottleneck at 1440p. This is actually very good. 1270v5 is hyper-threaded, so you are unlikely to see any stuttering, but it can limit the high end to 10fps at most.  Intel Xeon CPU

That being said, if you plan to buy 1270v5 (Skylake), they are priced at $135 on eBay. For this price, I strongly encourage anyone to consider the slightly faster and cheaper i3-10100, which usually sells for $115.

Socket 1200 i3–10100 brings you to the current generation of motherboards with 4.2GHz CPUs, which still (reluctantly) limit the bottleneck of 1080 Ti to 11% at 1080p and only 6% at 1440p.

If your motherboard also supports ECC memory, then the only advantage you may have with Xeon is the ability to use ECC memory.



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