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In the past few weeks, many users have proposed that Lite Hash Rate (LHR version) graphics cards cannot be well distinguished from the old FHR version (Full Hash Rate or non-LHR version) graphics cards. In this article, we will try to guide you to distinguish between the LHR version and the FHR version of the graphics card.

It is worth mentioning that all RTX 3060*, 3070 Ti and 3080 Ti graphics cards are LHR version graphics cards equipped with a hashrate lock. These graphics cards cannot be unlocked. Only some of the RTX 3060 Ti, 3070 and 3080 graphics cards may be FHR Version cards, and all 3090 graphics cards are FHR version cards.

*The first batch of RTX 3060 graphics cards are the LHR version, which can be unlocked through the leaked NVIDIA driver and achieve full computing power performance.

Graphics card model type

RTX 3090 only has a full computing power version

GeForce RTX 3090 24G OC
RTX 3080 Ti only has a hashrate version

NVIDIA Founders GeForce RTX 3080 Ti
RTX 3080 full hashrate version, locked hashrate version after May 2021

RTX 3070 Ti only has a hashrate version

RTX 3070 full hashrate version, lock hashrate version after May 2021

RTX 3060 Ti full hashrate version, locked hashrate version after May 2021

RTX 3060 lock hashrate version, the first batch of graphics cards can reach full hashrate mode through the driver


How to check whether the new graphics card is the LHR version or the FHR version?

If you buy a new graphics card in July 2021, it is likely to be the LHR version, because the graphics cards sold by NVIDIA after May 2021 are all LHR graphics cards, and stock graphics cards are likely to have been sold.

You can still check with the following steps:

1. View graphics card description
Most distributors will indicate the LHR version in the product description.

2. Check the above table according to the graphics card model
Some models of graphics cards can be determined as LHR versions, such as RTX 3060*, 3070 Ti and 3080 Ti graphics cards. These graphics cards are also determined as LHR versions.

*Some RTX 3060 graphics cards can unlock the hash lock through the leaked driver, but unfortunately the driver has been removed from the official website.

3. Check if the graphics card box has the LHR logo
NVIDIA requires all graphics card manufacturers to add a visible LHR logo on the packaging boxes of all 3060 Ti and 3080 graphics cards, while a slightly newer generation of graphics products do not have the LHR logo because all graphics cards are already LHR versions.

How to determine whether the second-hand graphics card is the LHR version or the FHR version?
This may be more tricky than buying a new graphics card, because only the old RTX 3060 Ti, 3070 and 3080 graphics cards can be FHR versions of graphics cards.

1. Ask the seller to provide an invoice
If the purchase date is earlier than July 2021, the probability of the graphics card being the FHR version will be higher.

2. Ask the seller to provide photos of the graphics card box
Make sure that the serial number of the graphics card is consistent with the serial number displayed on the box, and check whether there is an LHR logo on the box. Please note that if there is no LHR logo, it does not mean that the graphics card must be the FHR version, because the first batch of the LHR version of the graphics card packaging box does not LHR logo.

3. Test the graphics card
This is the most reliable way to confirm the version of the graphics card, but it is difficult for you to test the graphics card directly from the seller.



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